Tuesday, October 11, 2011

later today

I lied about the sandwiches...MOST are on homemade bread, not all. Ah, yes.

I had to come home and have a glass of wine to unwind. I have a staff meeting at 7:15 (almost my bedtime) so that's the limit. A glass of wine to unwind.

I heard sirens all day today and what the hell is up with that? Are we on a path to the ER or something?

It was a beautiful bike riding day and I think I saw the Blues Brothers driving down 3rd Street. That always makes for an interesting ride.

Gus has been playing like crazy since I got home. He launches himself from the back porch and lands on the love seat beside me. I swear. He's a damn hoot. We took him into the back yard where Regis throws a toy for him, He can catch it in mid-air with a half somersault. Some dog.

Good meeting at work tonight but I'm tired and ready for bed. See you tomorrow.

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Jill said...

I'll be darned if I can remember what I was going to say, Teresa. Let me think..........oh yeah, the sirens. We hear a lot more ambulance sirens with the hospital on the north end of town, as they often whiz along Sunrise or North Washington to get there. But the last few days have been overload, siren-wise, with ambulance sirens, police, firetrucks. And where's the news about this stuff? I hope it's just a lot of parades.