Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Joanne and I ran in the Halloween Fun Run. Regis took a ton of pictures from Tom's front are a few.

Joanne and I ran this 5K in 39 minutes and 20 seconds. We walk a little run a little walk a little...and don't really care about time. The last time we ran together, we did it more than 45 minutes so our improvement is impressive, no?

Tom and Betty host a little gathering on their front yard. Minnow is there to watch Emily, Tom makes a big pot of coffee, and everybody hoots and hollers and bangs on drums when we go past.

Joanne...power woman according to her daughter! Cool!

There we go!

This was a great costume. Not sure how the people in the middle knew where to go.

Rasta man, Tom.

Dave and Doreen with the little Grimius boys, Weston and Miles.

Emily...great shot!

Our old friends, Jane and Dick, came for the weekend from Iowa. We did most of the things we do every time they come: we met at Patrick's for drinks and appetizers on Friday. We went downtown and looked in a few shops, we went to Schmidt's Meat Market in Nicollet,  we cooked steaks on the grill, we drank wine and spent hours at the table telling stories and laughing. Regis made a batch of Apple Pie (not the kind your mama makes) and some at the table enjoyed a sip of that. 

I spent a couple hours after they left, putting my house back together and getting Halloween stuff tucked away. I have celebrated Halloween for the last two weeks and I'm kind of ready for it to be over and how pitiful is that? I am costumed out.

I'm sure tomorrow, I will be fine. I'll put on some crazy tights and a wild hat and go out as myself. Tiffany and Elliot are coming over for dinner and trick or treating, Ella and Alex are stopping by some time for a treat, and  we're passing out candy. How much fun is that?

I just went through the last two boxes of stuff from my school office. Most of it was left behind but what I did bring home has been dispersed. Now, it's all been shelved, boxed, or tossed. Whew.

I can feel a nap coming on....

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