Wednesday, October 05, 2011

every day's a ride

I have a friend, Bill, who rides a motorcycle. He's sort of an unlikely motorcycle dude in my view but that's only because he's sort of a hyper-religious elementary school teacher. Nice guy, though, and very funny.

He has a big tattoo of himself riding a bike on his upper arm. He says every day's a ride...a good ride or a bad ride. I say that's true whether you ride a motorcycle or not. Every day's a ride.

I've been riding my bike to work and loving it. The mornings are a little chilly but the afternoons are glorious. Yesterday I rode the sidewalks down Minnesota Avenue, fearful of all the extra traffic in town. Nice to ride through the leaf piles as the sun came up in the east. (I know it always does but I didn't want to end a sentence with a preposition.)

Another funny friend of mine told me Tuesday that she forgot to take her birth control pill, forgot to put her contacts in, and forgot to take her cell phone. Also realized later she didn't have her cash card so she couldn't put gas in her car. I think a clever person could figure out a joke in all that forgetting. She is younger than me, too, so it's a comfort I'm not the only person whose marbles don't get in the right slots some days.

I'm up early, dressed in my work-out clothes but I can't seem to find the gumption to leave the house. Gus is napping on the couch beside me. He has learned to ring the bell to go outside to pee and poop but he's also learned to ring the bell when he just wants to prance around the yard and gather sticks to chew. At first we didn't want to not respond to the bell ringing for what we assumed were superfluous reasons but now that we know him better, we say, nah...not doing that again.

Gus went to dog school yesterday and did not have to stay after for extra tutoring. Regis is doing a wonderful job training him. He is easily distracted and therefore less inclined to perform when people are around which makes me feel like a big fat liar. Sure, this dog is well-trained.

Regis brought Gus down to see me the other day and we sat at a table outside. Two women kept wanting to give him pieces of their chicken sandwiches and demonstrate what they know about dog training. It was loud and windy and way over-stimulating. I was about ready to bark and jump on someone.

Off to the Pulse. I'm going to make today a good ride.

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mom said...

That was one of your Dad's final comments. He told me he had a good ride. He was not one to show a lot of emotion, but said he loved us all dearly.