Sunday, October 02, 2011

every day's a ride and saturday in pictures

I tried to caramelize a fennel bulb. It did not work or at least was not what I would call edible in the end.

This is a big pan of onions, red peppers, and jalapenos and it was delicious.

Two big steaks ready to go on the grill. I like a New York strip and Regis likes a cowboy steak. 

This weird little ice cream truck comes down the street once in a while. I didn't grow up with this phenomenon so it doesn't have much meaning for me but Regis gets a wave of nostalgia coupled with an awareness that the little truck is kind of creepy. The song is like something from an episode of Twilight Zone and the occupant fits that theme...wife beater t-shirt and about ten teeth. I bought ice cream bars for Tiffany and Elliot who are coming to dinner tonight.

We never enjoyed chicken very much because we bought it at the store and probably over-cooked and under-seasoned it. Now we buy our chickens from a farm and we use Old Bay Seasoning. Those things are delicious. Any chicken would be proud to lay on the grill under these circumstances.

Gus enjoys being on the patio with us. He finds any kind of stick or piece of wood he can scrounge up and he chews it up which seems to provide fiber for his little digestive system, we can tell.

Fred is still in the garden but will be retiring to the garage for the winter soon. He's done a good job this summer keeping vermin and bad guys out of the cone flowers and hosta.

One of my favorite coleus.

This is a begonia, usually a too-fussy plant for my taste as I forget to water plants and neglect them in other ways, too. I was so attracted to this one when I saw it that I had to have it. It's done beautifully in our garden, in spite of the neglect, and is one of our favorites.

The mum continues to flourish.

Regis gives me a quizzical look.

Regis at the grill station. Not too many days left of charcoal cooking. It gets too cold to keep the charcoal fired up. Last year we grilled one day in November and huddled over the fire to keep warm.

Me looking a little scruffy after a hard day's work. Our house in put back together and the garden waste is at the curb and the cardboard is recycled. Oh, happy day.

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