Monday, October 03, 2011

don't be seduced by the front row

I went to the Pulse this morning to exercise. My friend, Kris, was on an elliptical and even though I hate that device of torture, I did it for 15 minutes just so I could visit with her. When she left for work, I moved over to a treadmill in the first row. Usually I avoid the front row because that's where the dreaded televisions are but there was nobody there today...they were all in class.

What I had forgotten was that when class ends, they pour out, occupy the front row and watch amazing breaking headlines like this: We Are the Champions by Queen is the catchiest song ever!

I had to leave. Lesson learned. Don't be seduced by the front row.

Then I opened up an article about seed archaeology to read and saw this in the sideline:


Good grief.

Regis says I only want to know the news about fluffy cat rescues and that is pretty much the size of it. I don't care if people want a diet of Fox news or CNN...I just don't want them to have it in my presence. That shit will rot your mind.

I started reading a good book last night, The Power of One. So far, it's compelling. I got a little tired of the other books of which I read about five in a row. I laughed out loud at the first one, chuckled at the next two, and cracked a smile at the last one. Time to move on to something else.

Elliot came yesterday for the afternoon. We stopped at McDonald's which I also hate but I won't go on another rant now or my friends and family will think I am a curmudgeon. He seemed to like the ketchup best of all. It probably has as much or more nutritional value than the chicken nuggets so I didn't discourage him from sucking it off the french fries.

Ah, well. It's Monday and off to work I go.


Jill said...

Let me know your thoughts on The Power of One when you're done. I read it a while back and stopped part way through for some reason, and need to decide if I should continue. Someone else who read it said it's worth it at the end. I liked what I'd read, and don't remember why I stopped.

Anonymous said...

It is a great book and a wonderful movie.