Thursday, October 27, 2011

bookmarks and early bird risin'

I made the decision to go to work a little later in the morning which for the most part, has worked out fine except that I continue to wake up at 4 most days, spend a half day before I even go to work, and come home when I'm tired and a little cranky from the long day. Damn.

Here I am at 4 a.m. Do I start DOING something like the day is beginning or do I hover between sleep and wake for a while?

I woke up thinking about my Halloween costume. In the middle of the night I asked Regis his opinion about which skirt and which tights. Such a dilemma.

My friend, Jill, gave me a subscription to Bookmarks as a retirement gift. It comes bi-monthly and has a ton of reviews of all different kinds of books. I had been through it several times and yellow-tagged quite a few I thought I might want to read. Yesterday I checked some more on-line reviews and ordered some books...some kindle versions and some paperback versions.

This is one I am most interested in reading. Corvus: A Life with Birds.

Here's something I snagged from the Amazon review:
Ever since her daughter rescued a fledgling rook years ago, Esther Woolfson has been fascinated with corvids, the bird group that includes crows, rooks, magpies, and ravens. Today, the rook, named Chicken, is a member of the Woolfson family, along with a talking magpie named Spike, a baby crow named Ziki, a starling, a parrot, and others. From their elaborate bathing rituals to their springtime broodiness and tendency to cache food in the most unlikely places, these corvids share a bond with humans that one might never have imagined before reading this book.

Letting her experience speak for itself, Woolfson likens the fears and foibles of corvids to those of humans, taking into account the science of bird intelligence, evolution, song, and flight. She highlights their big personalities and capacity for affection: Chicken hates computers and machines, while she loves evening neck scratches on Woolfson’s knee. It is through this intimate lens that Woolfson invites us to reconsider the kind of creature capable of being man’s best friend.

I bought this in paperback because I think it will be like Oranges by John MCPhee, a fixation. If you don't remember Oranges, just ask me.

So, I love Bookmarks. My reading mojo was limp for a while and I just couldn't find anything that called me. I reread a lot of old favorites but new things were not interesting. I think this is going to be just the thing. Check it out.

I just can't get excited about my kindle. I can read a certain type of book on it but I can't get any cover, no summary, no author information. I started reading a book the other night and realized last night, that I have missed something. I read the reviews on Amazon and the book is called non-linear. Oh, yeah. I hate that.

Not my favorite type of book to begin with and now I have no way to check back and figure out who the hell Uri is. This book is a series of short stories loosely tied together and I am incapable of figuring that our in my random reading. Arrghgghg, I say. I like to read the old-fashioned way, I guess.

Today is Witch Day at work so I better get moving and figure out my costume. I have a small black cauldron full of eyeball gum and rubber duck witches. Ha!

Gus is giving me the signal that something needs to on with the day.

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