Friday, October 21, 2011

ah, yes. what was i thinking?

I registered for the 10K at the Mankato Marathon. What was I thinking?

Last year, I ran, using the term loosely, the Half Marathon which is 13 miles. I bolted out of the gate from excitement then crashed about 3 miles into it and walked the rest of the way, munching a peanut butter sandwich, waving at people and petting dogs.

I crossed the finish line after 13 miles about the same time as the marathoners who had run 26 miles. In fact, some of them passed me.

Regis dropped me off and picked me up so he simplified the process for me. The whole process was oppressive but exhilarating. It gave me stories for months.

So, I guess I signed up again but decided to run the 10k instead. That's only six miles and I figure with my run/walk combo it will not be too hard. What I dread is the getting there. 3500 people are registered so traffic and parking will be a major nightmare. Blah.

Next weekend is the Halloween Fun Run in St. Peter. 3 miles in a Halloween costume. That can be fun.

Three of my more intense friends are injured and can't run at all which indicates to me that my slovenly ways are being rewarded. I am injury free to this point and intend to keep it that way. My personal best is to remain vertical and mobile. Some athlete.

We've had two good frosts. I had two big plants that I was considering hauling into the house. I guess my benign neglect made the decision for me. I don't like house plants because I forget to water them and we don't have enough sunlight so they look like hell by the end of the winter.

We've had a cardinal convention in our bird feeder the past few days. Right at dusk, there were four males and a female. I think it might have been one adult male and some juveniles because some of them are rustier red than the others. A beautiful site at the bird feeder.

We could get two or three in the photo, but never four.

I've started celebrating Halloween early. Yesterday, I wore black tights with purple and green stars and a splotch of purple in my hair. My friend, Amanda, said she read this in a book: I don't believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be the same person every day.

I told a woman at River Rock that my husband bought the tights for me and she was astonished. "Your husband?" she said...then "He rocks!" I agree.

I'm going to Yogilates this morning at the Pulse, then to work. Happy weekend!

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