Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ah, well and I seem to say that a lot

Saturday, I got a letter from the clinic about my recent mammogram. It seems there were some irregularities that require more imagine. Hmmm. I didn't really panic about this until yesterday when I called and the receptionist/appointment person told me that the letter (not one I saw) said that I need "spot compression" and possible ultrasound. WTF. She asked if I had an ultrasound anywhere prior to this. I don't think so WTF. This is a nasty process.

Of course, in my usual calm fashion, I wig out and spend a horrible day weeping and carrying on and sending emails to friends. (I didn't tell any kids....don't be offended. Who wants to talk about this to their kids?) It was awful. It involved a lot of wine. A lot of wine.

Today, I am better. I have heard from many people who have been through the same thing but didn't talk about it. Holy shit, people. I would feel better if I knew that 8 out of 10 friends had been through this before, and lived to tell about it.

Things always look better in the light of day and with the love and support of friends.

But, I have to wait until Friday to have the next imaging (sounds a little sci-fi, huh?) when the radiologist is there. Yeah, he can be there but I am not letting anybody in this town cut on me, no offense. Don't you love it when people say no offense and of course, they know what they just said is offensive?

Enough about that. Friday I could be celebrating. Here's hopin'.

I have been wearing costumes or at least, crazy clothes, to work every day. Yesterday, I had on a bright green  sweater and neon orange tights. I ran into a friend of mine on my way to work. She said she forgot it was dress-up day at River Rock. I said it wasn't and this is the way I always dress. Ha!

Today, I was walking to the bank and I wondered about a lot of things. Like hippies.

Yesterday, when I was riding my bike down the street, Reggie happened past in his Ameripride truck. He hung his head out the window and sang the Elvira Gulch song. Hahahaa! He called to ask if Ella had dressed me. Hey, I have a lot of years to dress like an old lady and not very many to dress like a kook. Well, maybe they can overlap a little.

Well, on my way to the evening.


mom said...

You will be fine. I am like Michelle Bachman and I talked to God and he told me not to worry, my beloved daughter would be fine. I also have all my Lutheran ladies praying for you. Love you, Mom

Joanne said...

Hey with the Lutherans and the Catholics on your side, what could go wrong?

Karen1 from BE said...

Don't freak! After MWL, the boobies are affected too. They start to get different tissue densities so that's probably what it is. Happened to me and then I found out it happened to just about everyone else, too. Good luck and keep us posted! Miss you. Karen

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing happen two months ago, went through the extra procedures, and all was well.
Your old neighbor Deb

(Old as in you used to live next to me years ago and unfortunately, old as in age, too!)

Amanda said...

I've even had this, too, a year or two after Callum was born. Much like you, I fell apart while waiting to go in, and was relieved that they told me on the spot that I was fine. I even called back to make sure that was right and I wasn't making it up. No fun, but it does seem super common to go through this.