Monday, September 05, 2011

year in pictures

I had to send pictures to a reunion of my high school girl friends that I cannot attend. Here's what I came up with. (Click slideshow after you get to the right page.)

Edit: I decided this was easier...

It was fun to look through a year's worth of pictures and choose the highlights. There was a theme...hats, lights, costumes, parties.

We had a nice day today. I went to work for a couple hours to do the banking. Came home and did a minor constructive thing: ironed all my linen napkins, most of which are not linen but cotton and they wrinkle horribly. Ah, well, I have a supply for a season now.

We sat on the patio as we always do on nice afternoons. Bill and Jean came over for a glass of wine. Nice to visit with them. They love Gus and he was happy to lick their ears.

So, fall has officially started so I bought pinot noir and wore black. A girl has to have seasonal structure, you know. You can't just go around wearing patent leather and drinking margaritas any old month of the year. It's time to get rid of the red and blue table linens, put away the flowerdy stuff, get out the orange and rust table napkins and think about the pumpkins.

I'm a little worried that with the installation of the new floor, October will sneak up on me and all of a sudden, I won't have time for Halloween decorating. Scary.

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