Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the willies

So, our home improvement project.

We decide to get new floors, a project long over-due. We find a guy we like, he brings samples we like, and we're off to the races. I thought we would have a few weeks to get ready (packing up two rooms full of crap) but he stopped by yesterday and wanted to start today with the bathroom.

The bathroom is no problem because it's the size of a large postage stamp. The other two rooms are a different matter. We live in the kitchen and dining area so there is a lot of stuff in there. A lot of stuff. It took me several hours to pack up the hutch because I like glassware and I have a lot of it.

But I'm starting to get the willies. I feel like my stuff is all over the place. My original thought was to pack up one room until the other floor was done, unpack the boxes and pack them up with the stuff from the other side. Not good.

I think I have enough boxes to pack up everything but where am I going to put the boxes? My stove and refrigerator have to fit in the living room.

I don't manage this kind of thing very well. I like to be organized about it but it's hard. I'd like to haul all this shit down to the curb and write FREE on the boxes. This right here is how I want to live.

The bathroom floor looks nice. The previous flooring was chosen by some employee at the floor store because after the tornado, I couldn't make a decision about paper or plastic bags at the grocery store and it might not have been the best quality. It curled up right away. I'm sure we got better flooring this time because it's going to cost as much as a luxury car. Well, not quite.

I am most anxious to see the living room floor which should be done by Tuesday. I suggested to Regis that we get rid of the sofa and the television and get a huge dining table. We could even keep the television, I suppose, but we like to entertain and we never sit on the furniture that's in there. We could use more table area. I thought it was a good idea but he's not buying it.

I have several bookshelves to pack up now. At least the books don't have to be wrapped in newspaper as the wine glasses did although I ran out of newspaper and had to use paper towels.

I should just put in a stock of nice red wine and relax. No heebie jeebies. No willies. No screaming fantods. Just relax.

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mom said...

How about a picture of your new floors. Do not include the toilet.