Tuesday, September 06, 2011

what the internet will and won't do for you

I like the internet. I like the social network thing except for twitter....which I don't fully understand. What frustrates me, though, is that when you really want to talk to someone, nobody is there.

I guess young people understand that. I wonder what we did in those circumstances. Nobody now seems to want to talk to you....ever.

Deb and I called it "the old boyfriend syndrome". I think now it's called "drink and dial".

So, the internet will hook you up to people in some weird way but  you can't really talk to someone like you would on the phone.

I'm not even sure how you would call a person on the phone now-a-days. Don't you love that expression?

I tell you what....the flies this time of year are horrific.

There are three flies in my life, one here and one at home and one at River Rock that are driving me insane. They get in your hair just enough to irritate....

Gus wants to go on a walk so that's the end of the blog. See ya'....

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