Thursday, September 08, 2011

wednesday was a good day...we have pictures

We cooked chicken on the grill and the smoke was so pretty in the late afternoon sun coming through the birch tree.

I took a gift card to Drummer's in the afternoon and bought a ton of hostas for my garden. Here they are lined up by potential size...shorter on the left and taller on the right. Hoping for some sense of order as they get opposed to my usual random way of doing things.

Gus is studying something on the patio. He's gained more than ten pounds since he came here three weeks ago. He's up to 25.5 now and he gets stuck under things he used to like to crawl under, like the bed. He's quite a little dust mop.

I love the patio in the late afternoon and evening. Lots of neighbors go by walking or on bikes and people like to stop and gab for a minute. When the snow comes, we won't see these people again until April.

We had a little fire in the chimnea. Regis was not in favor of it but did it to make me happy. It did. Beautiful evening to be outside.

We have discovered the secret to barbecued chicken on the grill. We we cut a whole chicken into pieces, use a recipe for Chesapeake Bay seasoning, and cook it gently on the grill. I don't think I've enjoyed chicken so much ever. It's so moist and the seasoning goes all the way through the meat, not just on the skin.

This is the Rockbend Folk Festival Weekend which we usually love. We won't be able to leave Gus alone all weekend so we plan to go Saturday for a while to hear John Gorka especially and my old favorites, City Mouse. I've been listening to City Mouse since they played at the Comfy Bar in Mankato in the early 70s.

We realized the other day, with regret, that we haven't had many patio parties this summer. Sunday, we have invited the whole gang of usual suspects for a blast on the patio...burgers and hot dogs and sweet corn and the whole shebang. I think I'll make peach cobbler since it's seasonal. Ha!

Shaping up to be a great weekend.

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