Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this day whizzed by holy cow

I went to exercise from 5:30-7:00.

I got home and had a cup of coffee with Regis. I decided to make use of my neighbor's dumpster and recycler since they are in Ireland and asked us to move them to the curb...both only half full.

I went down to Peter's old room, loaded up a half a dumpster full of crap to throw away...old skateboarding helmets, old shoes, stereo speakers, and junk.

I loaded up two bags of clothes that can go on Thursday when the little white truck comes down the street. Observation: Peter must have changed his "look" after he left our basement. The clothes that were left looked a lot like skateboarder, small town low-hanging pants kind of stuff. Regis and I took out a couple of those soft, waffle-weave long sleeved shirts. The rest is gone.

I loaded up the dumpster with Peter's paper from his graphics production program at SCC...which generated a ton of paper.

It's a good thing I had a place to go or I could have kept going...ruthlessly.

This was a half day of work before I even went to work.

I had to come home at 2 o'clock and take a nap.

We had left-overs for dinner (The flank steak...we get about 8 meals out of one piece of meat.) Now, we're having a cup of coffee and a glass of wine before Regis goes to teach his last class.

I have an Action for Healthy Kids Team meeting tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock. Something I need to let go....tired of it. Then I'll go exercise and head to work.

We invited some young friends for dinner tomorrow night. I started to get nervous because there is so much to do around here yet, but they won't care. We're making ribs and a big salad.

Gus went to dog school today. He had to stay after school to be tutored. He and the dingo are the EBD dogs in the class. Regis said when they see each other they make giant arcs at the ends of their leashes like big kites. Oh, boy. Parent teacher conferences will be fun. I think I'll send the dad.

Oh, well. That's enough for today. I have three pieces of woodwork to paint barn red with an oil-based paint. I hate that shit.

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