Sunday, September 04, 2011

sunday plans

We slept in until 7 o'clock this morning. More typical for Regis, not so typical for Gus and me. We've been outside several times already and it's gorgeous out there! The air is bracing, I think you could say. I took my coffee out and watched Gus confab with Maggie and Chloe next door. They run from one end of the fence to the other, look at each other and race back to the other end.

We cooked on the grill yesterday afternoon: shrimp wrapped in pepper bacon, chunks of cheese that got warm and gooey on a cedar plank, slices of mortodello and prosciutto, and olives. Delicious. It's the kind of meal you eat with your fingers. We wrapped slices of the cheese with meat and added a piece of hot pepper. Oh, my. Eating should always be this much fun.

Mike is bringing us more chickens today. We've gotten hooked on farm chickens and farm meat. I can buy beef from the meat counter at HyVee but I have trouble with chicken. I like the chickens from the farm so much better Regis says I am getting to be a food snob but if I'm going backwards, to a time when chickens came from farms, I don't see how that's getting to be a snob.

This is a real chicken.

We have several friends and family members with birthdays this week.

Vickie's birthday is on Monday, September 5th. Here she is in the world's largest frying pan with me this summer on our trip to Iowa.

Here's Tom with Betty at a Thanksgiving Day gathering we had a few years ago. They looked like they just walked out of an Irish pub and it's one of my favorite pictures of them. Tom's birthday is Tuesday, September 6th.

This is Bob with Alex on the patio a couple summers ago. Bob always looks serious in pictures so I had a hard time finding one where he looks jolly. This will have to do. Bob's birthday is Thursday, September 8th.

Happy birthday, all of you! Celebrate those birthdays!

We're planning a fine day. I'm working a little bit tomorrow so we'll celebrate Labor Day today by being fairly lazy and non-productive. I'll take pictures.

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