Wednesday, September 21, 2011

last day of this mess

I took the day off from the coffee shop so I can stay home and clean and paint. Doesn't that sound like fun? Actually, it does. The idea of having my stuff back (mostly) in its places sounds very inviting.

Regis took Gus to his first dog obedience class yesterday. I was expecting such a good report since Gus is smart and well-behaved at home. Alas, Regis said that aside from a dingo, he was the worst behaved dog in the class. Ah, misery. We are determined to practice with him so he improved next week. It's like taking your kid to pre-school screening and they won't say their colors.

River Rock did an event in the back room yesterday which I attended in my fall apron so I could talk to people about the food. Honestly, the food there is so good it makes me feel proud to work with those women. They are amazing. They talk about how produce changes daily and they have to work to maintain a flavor profile. Amazing. At this event, they had spicy squash soup, tomato and basil cream cheese puff pastries, buckwheat bread, roasted pear and cranberry tarts, and whole wheat thumbprint cookies. So pretty.

We took a picture of Steve O'Malley who did our floors. We try to take pictures of everyone who works on our house. We tuck the pictures and stories in a bag and poke it into a hole in the wall behind the bathroom mirror. Someday, when major remodeling goes on or there is another tornado, they'll find it and maybe think it's interesting. We get a kick out of it anyway. It was a pleasure working with him.

Well, here I go. Wall washing and painting and cleaning and putting away will be the order of the day. Maybe I'll have Regis take some pictures when it's over. Wish us luck. Bring beer and food.

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