Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it's either this or work

I am almost done with the packing. At least everything has been moved from its original position which makes it more visible. It won't take long to finish my part.

I just read back through the posts about the floor project. You really have no idea how much I loathe this kind of thing. When he finished the bathroom today, Regis sent me a text with a picture. I said, "Is that what I picked out?" and I had no idea. It could have been purple shag. This guy has seen more floors than I have (and paid way more attention) so I trusted his judgement.

Is texted a real word? Blogger puts a squiggly line under it but that's true of the word internet, too.

Regis went off to teach a computer class to people whose first language is not English. It's not what he expected nor what he was prepared for but I admire him. He adjusted his while lesson plan and he's ready. There seems to be a market for this kind of thing...and we should be surprised? He said the last class went well. He was doing research today on the settings for gmail and Facebook in Spanish.

Gus went to see the vet today for his third (?) puppy visit. He weighs 25 pounds, he got a few shots, and Dr. Denny said he is a "pleasant little fellow". He encouraged the breeder family of Gus to try doodles so he was pleased. Gus was a gentleman, apparently.

I walked across Minnesota Avenue today with a young man and we both observed a truck full of turkeys going south. He said he had been behind one a few cars one time and due to an open window, got turkey feathers in his mouth. Oh, man. I said it sort of turns me off to turkey for a while after I see a truck. I like to think of my turkeys as, you know, pecking the bare ground and strutting around in the grass.

I had two weird coincidence experiences today. First, I was emailing a young woman in St. Paul about getting copies of some grow local Minnesota thing. She wanted details so I told her about River Rock. She said she had been there once with a young woman who worked at Open Arms in Belle Plaine. I was there that day and met her because she was with a neighbor of mine. Ha!

The other, not quite so strange...I was visiting with a woman in the back room. She from North Mankato...eventually learned she is the aunt of my friend Vickie. Such a small world.

That's why it's a good thing to never flip someone off. They could be in line behind you at the grocery store tomorrow.

As I was informing Regis of my intention to rid our house of clutter, I mentioned the many beer glasses we seem to have acquired. Yes, he said, and what about the 24 wine glasses you just bought at the garage sale? Chagrin.

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