Friday, September 16, 2011

in the end

I came home yesterday to a terrible mess. The kitchen/dining area floor is half done. There is sawdust covering everything everywhere.

Regis and I had gone to Mankato to pick up River Rock's payroll so we stopped and got a bottle of wine and some dinner at Tav on the Ave. When the floor guys left, we pulled up a couple of folding chairs and ate from our laps.

We had the happy thought that we could paint some more but there was no way. You know how you feel when your stuff is scattered and you can't find anything.

We stopped at MGM where a young woman named Emily works. She used to work in St. Peter and she knows a lot about wines. Because we're going on the vineyard trip tomorrow, I was thinking about a wine I had two years ago that tasted like green pepper. I started describing it to her and she remembered these details: I loved it, Regis hated it, and it was South African. Then she walked right to it. We figure she is a wine savant. Ha! What a wonderful memory.

We have a wine trip tomorrow and I have been irresponsible about the details for which I am responsible. I just now remembered...cheese, bread, water in a cooler. I can't do this anymore...I'm too lazy.

Every once in a while, I'll get caught up in reading old blog posts. This has been a great chronicle of the last few years and it's fun to read and remember.

I suppose tonight, if the floor guys are done with the kitchen, I'll be cleaning and painting and preparing for the next mess where we move everything from the living room into the kitchen. I think there will be less sawdust involved in this phase. Oh, it will be nice to get that stinky carpet out of there.

I'm going to an exercise class this morning. Better get moving...

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