Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i hear raindrops

Gus and I are sitting on the sofa in the kitchen. We've threaded our way through the house a couple times to shut off my alarm clock and to get him into the back yard. He's fascinated by rain and likes to walk around in it, taking his sweet time. I would prefer that he tend to business and we get back where it's dry.

Our workers didn't leave until almost 6 yesterday. They are almost done. As much as it will be nice to have them finish, I will be sad to not see them anymore. Such pleasant and hard-working guys to have around the house. If they say they are coming at 8, they are here at 8. That's not typical of my experience with independent contractors. We might have to invite them over for a beer once things are put right so they can admire their work.

We managed to cook a couple steaks on the grill last night even though we got a late start. I sliced up a pan full of onions and hot peppers, too. Oh, so good. Regis made some of Emerill's Creole seasoning so we had a flavorful dinner. So much better than anything you can eat out, which we have been doing a lot lately only having limited access to the stove and refrigerator.

Gus has had some new experiences in the last week. His house has been torn up and it's probably more stressful for him than it is for us. His water bowl and food dish keep moving! He went to Kind's for a grooming yesterday so he had a bath and a haircut, he went with Regis to get a haircut, and today he's going to dog obedience for the first time. He's a good dog.

I have neglected my exercise again this week because most days, I have been unable to find either my bag or my shoes or my clothes. It's enough to get to work. I'll make it today.

Enjoy the rain!

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