Tuesday, September 06, 2011

I have friends who are good writers. I love these pieces. Mike Callahan in the first paragraph....Sharon Robinson in the next.

New first in comedy for me last night at Fat Daddy's in SD last night. Had them pumping so hard that the guy at the front center table starts to LOSE it. I started laughing cause of his laughing. The whole room broke down. For what seemed like 5 minutes the whole room just wept with laughter for nothing more than the joy of laughing. It was heaven. I could quit today a content man. A room full of strangers in tears laughing over laughter. Nirvana.

In my sadness I want to run out & hug the world, & all the people I love, very tightly. Although I try, like Emily said in Wilder's Our Town, it is difficult to "realize life while we live it, every, every moment." Frost said it best, "the present is to present to imagine."

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