Friday, September 30, 2011

friday does me a big favor and swings around at last

It's been a busy week of long days. I'm glad for the weekend.

I did not ride my bike to work yesterday. In fact, when I went out at 11 to walk to the bank, I changed my mind. Most unpleasant weather with high winds and flying garbage. I know flying garbage is not technically part of weather, maybe more climate, but it added to the suck of the weather day.

I ran around Mankato like a crazy person at the end of the day. I got home about 7. Ugh.

I'm going to my last performance class this morning. It's been hard but I have enjoyed it. Who knew I could put my hands and feet on slidey discs and pull myself across the floor.

A few weeks ago when we were on the slippery slope of home improvement, we bought six of these to replace the really cheap and ugly ones we'd had for years.

They are very nice and very well-made but they have to be assembled. Help. I want this done. I don't want boxes stacked all over my living room. What were we thinking?

I have a bit of a crank going this morning. I'm not viewing the world with my usual sunny disposition. I'll do what I can to correct.

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