Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I can't believe it's Wednesday.

On Monday, Regis came into River Rock on his way home. It was two o'clock. I looked at him in amazement and asked if he had gotten off work early. I couldn't believe it was two. I couldn't believe it when it was almost six when I got home either. I was tired but at least I wasn't weeping like I was last Monday.

So, my post-retirement job is definitely keeping me busy. There is a lot to learn about the intricacies of a they do this and that and why and where things are and when things have to be done. Like today, payroll has to be done or people don't get paid on Friday which makes them very unhappy.

There is also lots to learn about the dynamics among the people in a new job. I do a lot of observing and asking and not much revealing yet. I like all the people I work with very much...they have all been extremely patient and understanding as I try to get my old head to grapple with all this new information. They have so much enthusiasm and passion (are they the same thing?) for their's admirable, really.

All in all, I am lucky to have this opportunity to do something in my post-retirement years that is challenging and fun and interesting. I just hope I'm not too dumb or physically deteriorated to do it. Ta Da!

I get a real kick out of the customers, too. I love to visit with them, find out where they're from and what they know about River Rock, what they had to eat, and what they thought about it. Bethany, the front manager, tells me that the thing I do she loves the most is when I walk around the front with a coffee cup in my hands and visit with people. Maybe it's like the old waitresses used to walk around with a coffee pot and chat up the customers in the cafe. I can do that! Really? I get paid for doing this? Ha!

So, life is good.

Ella and Alex came over for dinner last night. We had chicken from our friend Mary Rogotzke and vegetables from the garden. After dinner, we went to the patio and started a small fire in the chimnea so they could roast marshmallows. Alex wanted nothing to do with a roasted marshmallow but he liked them raw. Ella loved them roasted.

We have an intersection construction project going on so there are cement culverts and big trucks and loaders everywhere. It's little boy heaven. Alex and Regis walked around the big trucks and then went to visit a neighbor who has a labradoodle.

When they came home, another neighbor had the lawn sprinkler going so the kids got to dance just out of reach of the sprinkler.

We sent them home smelling of a campfire, with a few bug bites and a lot of dirt. Ah, well. Life at Nana's house.

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