Wednesday, August 31, 2011

weekend in pictures

I'm reposting this as new because somehow, I got highlighting in the background, and I couldn't fix it. It was driving me insane.

We had Ella come over yesterday so we could celebrate the start of her school life Wednesday. We had lunch at Patrick's then came home to spend time on the patio. We had a little present for her, Vickie stopped for a visit, Ella helped me water plants and do some weeding. Later, Regis made a fire in the chimnea and we cooked wieners, smoked sausages, and marshmallows on long sticks. It was great fun and a fitting start to Ella's school year.

We joked a couple times that she has no idea she's in for a long haul of education. Of course, she was disgusted with that and said yes, she did. Ha! Such innocence.

We were a little worried about Ella and Gus, her being an excitable five-year old and him being a huge puppy. She did a great job, though, and learned to grab his leash, push on his butt, and tell him to sit. We called her the Dog Whisperer.

I went for a nine-mile bike ride yesterday and saw some interesting things. A young fellow was walking toward campus carrying only a backpack, a couple of small duffle bags, and a sleeping bag. I wanted to say, "Dude, good for you! I admire that!" Most kids go off to college with enough shit to furnish a four-bedroom house and require an SUV and trailer to get it there. Pretty resourceful, I'd say.

Regis and I are both enjoying Laurie Notaro's books. I gave up on Scary Little Girl but The Idiot Girls' Action-Adventure Club: True Tales from a Magnificent and Clumsy Life is great. Regis is reading It Looked Different on the Model and I hear him chuckling all the time.

We're teaching our dog to ring a bell by the door when he wants to go outside. So far, so good. It's a genius who thought up and marketed this little item. If you don't have a pet or haven't been in a pet store lately, it's an interesting visit. We are amazed and the array of crap that is made for dogs. Next time I go, I'll make a list of the most outrageous.

When I was shopping yesterday at HyVee, a woman stood befuddled before the deli case. She said, and I quote, "Can't I just say turkey?" And the young kid behind the counter laughed and said "No, you have to tell me which turkey." I bet there were twenty kinds of turkey: no-fat, low-fat, pepper turkey, smoked turkey, no-fat smoked turkey, no-fat bbq turkey, regular low-fat pepper turkey with mild bbq. You get the drift. Have you ever heard Dennis Leary's rant about ordering coffee? Worth looking up if you haven't. There's a link. Get a cup of skim mocha latte with a double shot of sugar-free vanilla and no whip before you listen to it.

I have to get ready for work soon. Monday is my busy day and this is the end of the month...lots to do. I have to dress nice so I can deliver a catering order, I have to wear something I can exercise in at the end of the day, and I have to pack a lot of food because I'll be gone 9 hours. This is complicated. Work is complicating my life. Ha!

It was a beautiful day yesterday. As I drove to Mankato at 7 a.m. to buy groceries, I thought how pretty the day was starting out...soft light, a little haze in the air, beans and corn starting to turn yellow. And the evening was just as nice. We had a wonderful fire with some cedar pieces in it and it smelled great. Even some of our walking traffic commented on the smell.

We had BBQ Saturday night that was good but not as good as Regis makes. He has it perfected so the meat falls off the bones and we like it that way. You have to pay a lot for food in a restaurant that is as good as you can make at home.

Gus lays on his back and plays with his toys, then takes a run at the love seat and lands up here like a twenty pound sack of flour thrown from across the room. It reminds me of the stories Regis and Peter tell about turkeys flying through the trees in the woods. They can't fly so they glide and only stop when they collide with a branch. That's what Gus is like. I hope we can teach him to slow down before he gets to 70 pounds or I could get hurt. He loves to play.

One more cup of coffee then off to work.

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