Friday, August 19, 2011

now, there's a question

I went to Penney's yesterday because one night when I was in there, the saleswoman told me she was a bra fitter and I thought that was a service of which I could partake. The woman I met was not there but the current woman said "Honey, we're all bra fitters here. Want me to take a look?"

I thought that was a hilarious beginning. The bra fitting did not go quite as I imagined. It involved being measured and then handed bras through the door. If I knew whether they fit or not, I wouldn't need a bra fitter. Oh, hell. What I brought home looks better than what I had.

I also got a hair cut which is always a hoot. Patrick makes getting a hair cut fun and I told him that. It's an idea that works for lots of things.

I saw my recently retired physician's assistant in the coffee shop yesterday. I loved her and always looked forward to seeing her because she seemed to be interested in many things and she liked to talk. She made going to the doctor about as much fun as it could be. Think about it. We're not talking colonoscopy here, just your garden variety bursitis and skin rashes.

I took a basket of clothes over to the consignment shop yesterday. I was a little annoyed because I went in with a big basket and I went out with a big basket. There were quite a few of my things they rejected. Harrumph. I thought my clothes looked better than some of the shit they had hanging in their store. I won't do that again...too much of a hassle for a little bit of money. I drove that crap right up to the thrift store and left it.

The thing that pissed me off was that the little truck that picks things up at your curb came to our street yesterday which meant I missed that opportunity. This is a lot of angst over a few pieces of clothing I didn't want anymore. (My Sonny and Cher can see the photos somewhere on this blog if you're interested and I would not blame you one iota if you aren't. It was an impulse purchase off a sale rack to which I am mightily vulnerable.)

Mike and Erin said they took a bunch of stuff to a thrift store a few weeks ago. There was a large sign that said, "NO DEAD ANIMALS". This would lead you to believe that it has happened often enough that they had to make a sign discouraging it. Or someone who works there has a vivid imagination of what people MIGHT leave there. Either way is nasty.

I have been way off schedule for exercise. I thought I had it back in line last week, then this little dog came into our lives. The truth is that I don't like getting up at 4 a.m. anymore. The Pulse is open from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. Then it closes for an hour and re-opens at 8. I just need to figure it out. I signed up for the 10K at the Mankato Marathon (it's only six miles) so I better get moving.

Friday is usually my short day at work but today I have to think about two advertising opportunities. I realized yesterday that the people selling this stuff are a little bit like K-Tel salespeople on tv (do they still have those?). The deal is good for a short amount of time and is really too good to be true. Other people are paying way more for this same opportunity. Call now and get twice the ad for half the money. Really. And crank the handle of this little digger to win that nice diamond ring in the corn, girlie.

Here we are at Friday again. I'm going to make an effort to slow the weekend down a little. It seems like all of a sudden it's Monday and what kind of time warp am I in anyway? Make it a good one.

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Amanda said...

When I took some maternity stuff to a consignment shop here, not only did they not buy much, but I also got hassled about getting rid of all my maternity stuff after "only" having one kid. Didn't I want to hang onto it? I'm young--wouldn't I maybe change my mind? So much easier to drop stuff at the thrift store, where they don't judge what you're getting rid of--at least not to your face!