Monday, August 15, 2011

nights like this

I think I could do a night like this every night of the year. Cooking on the grill, visits from neighbors and kids, puppy playing, wine drinking, good food, beautiful summer evening...and the dishes are done.

Gus is taking a nap because he played so hard in the back yard after dinner. He gets the zoomies and it's a hoot to watch. He also visited Ella and Alex today and the Kwik Trip so Regis could fill up his car. He spoke with Chloe, Maggie, and Roscoe next door and had a visit from Waldo. He is officially welcomed to the dog neighborhood.

I can't believe he is happy to pee on the grass outside. That other dog we had was prone to peeing on Christmas tree skirts and my pant legs. Those were some good stories.

P.S. In case you need a reminder of what a shit Bert really was, check out the Blasts from the Past on the right side of this blog. Six out of eight are about Bert. That tells you something.

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