Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I keep having these revelations like I am coming out of a big, gray fog. I hope it's not untoward brain activity and I'm identifying it as something wonderful.

Work is settling down. They have taken duties away as part of the separation of one job into three and it keeps making things easier and simpler. I'm all for that. My work life is good.

We have been enjoying gorgeous days on the patio. Yesterday was drizzly and cold but we sat out there anyway because we had prepped a whole tray of peppers and scallops and had three giant prawns to cook. You can't do that on the stove, my friends. The poblano peppers were stuffed with Andouille sausage from Prairie Pride Farm, a chopped yellow pepper, onion, and some very hot peppers. Then I covered them with a layer of smoked provolone. The scallops were wrapped in prosciutto. We used Emerill's creole seasoning on the prawns. It was a delicious meal and we licked our fingers.

We had a very nice local contractor come over last night to give us an estimate on flooring. It's kind of unlike us to get three estimates for anything. We are usually way more impulsive in our purchasing. Since this will cost as much as a good used car, it's probably a good thing. What I would like, as I have said before, is for someone to choose something I will like, in a price I can afford, and install it while I'm gone. I really don't want to be involved in any of the details.

Steve was a character which almost guarantees him the job. I like characters. He spent a lot of time looking around the house. He was either taking mental pictures of my decorating so he could share them with his wife, or he was sizing up the job, which I admire. I asked him if a job like this in a tiny house full of junk looks like a nightmare and he said, "Yes, it does." I admire that, too. He'll come back Friday with samples and we'll go from there.

His being a character was not his only professional qualification. He had a flooring store in Mankato and he's done floors for 38 years. I don't think he has a PhD in Botony like the guy who did our first paver walkway but I believe he's qualified anyway.

Gus is active in the morning. He goes out a couple times, wolfs his dog food, and likes to play. This morning he has been after the strings on my slippers. When I got down on the floor to get his kong toy out from under the chair, he started licking my ears. How can you be mad at a dog like this? He's finally figured out how to play with the kong toy. I see someone put peanut butter inside it which could increase its appeal.

This dog loves toys. He's like our two-year old grandbabies. The first thing he does in the morning is look for a toy. The first thing Alex and Elliot do when they walk in the house is look for the toys.

Hey, remember this dog? That's Gus on the left and the unknown dog on the right wearing Christmas lights. I think we can accomplish this stunt this year! Gus will make a great Christmas dog!

Unlike his predecessor, Bertrand, who once peed on the Christmas tree skirt which is almost an act of sedition in the world of dog-human interaction. I don't ask my dogs to wear costumes or painted nails but I expect them respect the Christmas tree skirt.

I have been trying to establish a new morning routine. One of the concessions I am making to retirement is that I don't get up at 4 a.m. anymore. I get up when I wake up, usually about 6, and we go from there. I like to go to the Pulse at 8 o'clock. I do some light exercise and then go on my way to work, It goes pretty well.

I can't remember if I said here before that we bought a teak bench at Bill and Jean's garage sale. When I saw it come off the truck, I said, "Ooohhh..." but they said they were going to keep it. But they decided it was too big for their house and there it was on the sale. I love it. It will have to move seasonally to accommodate our fireplace but we can live with that.

Better get moving.


Mom said...

How about a picture of your bench and where is it going to be living in your house???

Jill said...

You're sleeping until 6:00? I can't believe it!