Tuesday, August 16, 2011

life is full of changes

Regis officially resigned from his job today. Now, this may seem like bad news to some of you with the economy and all but he did it with not only my blessing but my encouragement. There is only so much of Crazy Town, its Mayor and the various crazy Council people that a person needs to tolerate in one lifetime. When that insanity starts to bleed over into your personal time, i.e. early mornings and weekends, it's time to pull the plug. Good-bye cheap Halloween costumes and hello peace and contentment. Life is just too short for that kind of bullshit.

You wonder where some people get off. It's either they are socially maladjusted or inherently evil. Doesn't matter. Nice to have a choice of whether or not to put up with their crap. He's heard from the nice people who appreciated him and that's a good thing.

Regis went off to the vet clinic with Gus for his first check-up and his third round of shots. Probably will get scheduled for the neutering, too. Ouch.

We've had good days and nights with Gus. He sleeps on a rug by the bed and he whines maybe once...and all I have to do is dangle my arm over the side of the bed and scratch his ears. He goes right back to sleep. He has asked to go outside once each night during the night....not bad for a puppy. He had a period of incessant mischief this morning which was trying. He likes to counter cruise which would be more problematic when he is fully grown but isn't good even now. He grabs dish towels and cords and stray plastic bags when he thinks you aren't looking. Of course, I raised to two-year olds so I am ALWAYS looking. I took him over to the neighbors to play with their three dogs: Chloe, Maggie, and Roscoe. He liked that. We signed him up for obedience classes today.

I had a good day at the coffee shop. We crossed a major barrier in the new logo...it's been an impediment to forward movement and we finally realized it. Hurray!

A guy is coming from the floor store to talk about replacing all of our floors. Our carpet in the living room is old, ugly, and smells like dog pee (see the stories about Bert). I think the previous owners did their Harley repairs on the kitchen linoleum. We've been so busy with the dog that it looks like we were ransacked or a bomb went off in here so I hope he isn't a clean house critic.

I got my Ambien prescription refilled today, finally. I felt like a crack addict checking all the time but my doctor retired the middle of July with NO NOTICE so I didn't have time to see her and get it filled. Of course, I was on the last month and when they fax over the request, the response is that Ruth retired. No shit. I have another appointment on the 24th so I told the pharmacist that and she wrote it on the request. I didn't say where the appointment was. Ha!

I see Amanda added me to her google plus circle. I am getting seriously mixed up about all the social media opportunities in my life. There are too many ways information gets input into my head. I can't remember if I learned something through an email, a text, Facebook, Gtalk...and now google plus. Google is insidious. Really. Pretty soon google will be managing my recipes and my bank account and probably my prescriptions. Hey, there's a service I could use.

I got an envelope today from a retired teachers organization in Mankato with an invitation to attend a meeting. I told Regis I would rather be staked naked to an ant hill and covered with honey. Hahaha! Too bad the retired vintners don't have me on their mailing list. Now, that would be an interesting meeting. And one I would attend.

Well, better get ready for the floor guy. Any design ideas would be appreciated. I only know what I don't like once I already own it. In this case, that would be bad.


Amanda said...

i never did facebook, but for some reason got roped into google plus, which matthew is calling "facebook for grown ups." if google actually could manage my entire life, i'd love it. it can't be far off.

Jill said...

I can't believe I saw you today and didn't get a chance to talk to you about half of the stuff in this blog entry. We need coffee!

Of course I'm surprised Regis resigned, but I hope he managed to get some good ideas for this year's Halloween costume.

Joanne said...

Congratlations to Regis for leaving that looney bin. No one needs that kind of stress in their lives. Now he will have more time to take care of you and your new puppy. Gotta love that!