Friday, August 12, 2011

i was almost a hood ornament yesterday

On my way to work on my bicycle. Laptop and a clock in my basket. Stopped at the corner of Minnesota Avenue and Nassau. When the light turned green and the little man said I could walk, I started out. A car came whizzing around the corner and nearly hit me. I dismounted the bicycle in a surprisingly graceful leap considering I was wearing a long skirt, clock and laptop went flying. I remained miraculously upright but the bike went down. Car kept right on going. Bastard.

On my way home, I saw a man get out of a vehicle at the PO wearing the absolute worst wig I have ever seen. It looked like someone made a wig out of a shiny brown blanket. It was so bad I thought about riding by and snatching it off his head. (the bad wig bandit) Really, is bald worse than this assault on the eyeballs?

We met friends for dinner at Whiskey River. Delicious meal and good company.

I'm glad it's Friday. We have no plans to do anything except maybe some yard work and a little bookkeeping. and some sleeping late.

On to the weekend.

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