Tuesday, August 09, 2011

getting it back together

The last six weeks have been so busy that we are very glad to have a weekend coming up with nothing to do. I spent some time this morning picking up the trail of crap we leave around the house and putting away things like the 4th of July decorations. I know, I know. I packed them up the end of July but there they sat.

So nice to have it cooler this morning. Almost gives a person some energy. I wish I could be home all day. I forgot that we're going to an auction in Mankato tonight. What we want to do that for is a mystery to me. All we need to do is be tempted by cheap junk of which we already have a houseful. Regis has never been to an auction in his life and he wants to have the experience so here we go.

I started reading the most hilarious book: It Looked Different on the Model. I was reading in bed and thought I would wake Regis up. Well, actually I wanted him to wake up so I could tell him about the chocolate stars on the pillow. Hilarious. Got to get more of her books.

Well, I am off to work. Riding my bike, stopping at the bank and the PO. Make it a good day.

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Amanda said...

i laughed to myself the whole plane ride while reading the notaro book. i just recounted the chocolate stars story to matthew last night. love her!