Friday, August 19, 2011

customer service

In attempting to arrange another vineyard tour, I call an establishment in the neighboring town. I ask if it might be possible to bring a group of 30-40 people in for lunch and a wine tasting on a Saturday in September. These are people who like wine and like to spend money. Do the math. The woman was so unenthusiastic that I asked to speak to a manager. Turns out, she is the owner and was still really not interested in accommodating us. Well, she was so rude, now I'm not interested in going there. Ever.

Ah, people are funny. Regis and I have learned in our somewhat limited restaurant and bar adventures, that the experience is important. I don't care how good or bad (to a degree) the food is, if you don't have fun, you aren't interested in going back. One of our favorite places has a bar tender who is less than a good time. We almost take a big wide turn to avoid him because part of the fun of going there is the people who know us and are happy to see us.

If people appreciate your business and take the time to know your name, if makes you more comfortable in parting with your money. Fact of life.

I enjoy the people at my new job so much. My co-workers and the customers. I don't know if coffee shop customers are just on a different wave length than some (most)  folks or what it is, but they are the friendliest people. Always happy to let you know where they are from and who recommended us and what they thought of the scone and cucumber lemonade they just had. I am constantly surprised that people are so willing to try new things.

I have a new cookbook called Heartland. Every time I get it out and try to look at it, Gus comes over and lays his head across the page like he wants to read a recipe. What the hell. I think I'm going to teach him to pick up his own toys, something I could not accomplish with my human children. He is a smart dog, for sure.

Our friend, Vickie, is coming over shortly for some patio time. I took some Prairie Pride sausages out of the freezer so we'll cook those on the grill in a while and have some cheese and some big fat stuffed olives.

Make it a good weekend.

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