Monday, August 01, 2011

back to reality

I only woke up two times during the night. Thanks to Ambien, went right back to sleep.

I've changed my schedule so I don't work out with Rachel on Monday, but on Tuesday instead. Monday is a killer day at the coffee shop with three days of deposits and all the ordering. Last Monday, I went to work at 7 and didn't get home until almost 5. I was a wreck. Today, I am going in about 9 o'clock and will try to have a more reasonable pace to the day.

I ordered a new cookbook with a gift card I got for retirement. It's called Heartland. More farm to table stuff you know. I roasted beets yesterday and Elliot and I thought they were great.

I also ordered this book: It Looked Different on the Model. The review in Book Pages was hilarious so I'm sure I will enjoy it unless the reviewer is funnier than the author, which sometimes happens.

Regis made two of our farm chickens on the grill last night. We've learned that cutting them up, as opposed to cooking them whole, gives a better result. We also love the recipe for Old Bay Seasoning that we first tried at the Fish Tale Grill in New Prague.

I have to go now. We have to drop the car at Arvin's to get its oil changed and if the weather is inclement, I will need a ride to work with more than two wheels. Later...

I want to ride my bike to work today but we just got severe thunderstorm warning Number 758. Is that for this year? Why do they number storm warnings? Maybe they should give them names like hurricanes.

Here's another weird thing. Every day at work, I walk to the bank and PO. As I cross Minnesota Avenue, the voice in the light says it's ok to cross and it gives you twenty seconds. You get this sense of urgency as you cross and his voice gets more and more strident. I wonder how really old and decrepit folks feel when crossing that street. I'm fairly spry for an old gal and I get the willies.

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Amanda said...

LOVE Laurie Nataro. Own all of her books and laugh out loud the whole time I'm reading. This book is on my kindle to read this week in Boston!