Sunday, July 31, 2011

weekend in pictures

Regis and I spent the weekend in downtown St. Peter at the Konsbruck Hotel. Lovely place. We stayed in the Melanie Room which had a gigantic whirlpool tub. I walked over to River Rock and got us two iced lattes and this cool dress. Here I am mugging for the camera and showing off my muscles.

This is Patty, one of the bartenders at the Cedars Grille where I had a few glasses of wine.

Sam and Patty can be pretty entertaining. I think they say the same about us.

Fish Fry, the band and not the food, played on the patio Saturday night. We had a good time but I hate that song about the guy who jumped off the Tallahatchee Bridge.

Sam, Jessica, and Jessica's friend.

Having some fun.

Me in front of the Pearly Gates, one of St. Peter's tourist attractions.

Regis on the patio at Cedars Grille.

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Karen1 said...

You look great! Good to read the blog and catch up on your life - I've been nuts and missing in action myself!