Friday, July 29, 2011

the week whizzed by

It's been an interesting week. I can hardly believe it's Friday and the last weekend of July. Where did the month go?

It's been hot but for the most part, that doesn't bother me. If I had to work outside, maybe it would. I've been riding my bike to work on the days it isn't raining and I enjoy that...and I walk to the bank and other errands around town in the morning as part of my job. I haven't worked in my garden much this summer, I admit, but mostly because of the bugs, not the heat.

It makes me think of a southern movie when it's so hot and sultry outside. I have a vague memory of a movie where three women are sitting under one of those trees with low-hanging branches talking in hushed voices and drinking lemonade but that's all I can recall. Is it possible to search google with only that?

There it is. Google is amazing. Great movie. I'm going to order it from Amazon because every few years, I remember something about it but can't remember the title.

I was telling Regis about a woman I work with who was trying to find a plastic clip she had seen in a different restaurant. I said there must be a way to upload it to google and do a match. Turns out there is an app for that. Of course there is. Google goggles. Check it out. What a whacky world.

I better get moving into the day. I went to the Pulse this morning and listened to Reverend Raven on my iPod while I lifted weights and did one-legged squats to strengthen my thighs. Ha! Good way to start the day on both counts.

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