Sunday, July 17, 2011

plans and no plans

We had a plan for yesterday that went awry at the last minute, then we had an alternate plan that didn't work out either. So the next thing was a phone call from Kathy, my high school friend. Did we want to meet for dinner? We did, and decided to combine dinner plans with some research and development for the September wine trip.

The fist vineyard we thought we would visit is in Lonsdale, Prairie Woods Vineyard. They have a nice website and it looked promising from that. We drove up to the address and found only a place where a vineyard used to be. The vines were knee deep in weeds and it obviously does not welcome visitors. Too bad.

Down the road we went to Montgomery, then New Prague where we had a nice lunch at the Fishtale Grill.

The next vineyard, Crofut, was ok, but not exactly what we were looking for in a tour destination. We met Jack and Kathy there, did the tasting (sweet wine!), and then took a bottle to the patio to sit in the warm breeze.

This is the building that houses the little bar where you do the tasting.

Here I am in the gift shop. Bought a couple little things, of course.

Regis enjoying a cigar in the heat of summer. You can see the vines in the background.

Porta pot. Ugh. Right next to the chicken yard.

They did have this beautiful turkey who enjoyed gobbling for us and showing his stuff.

They had one wine we liked but for the most part, like most Minnesota wines, too sweet. Prairie Blanc was my favorite. Drink locally.

Here's Kathy and about half of Jack. He's from New Jersey and a real hoot.

We were about the only people in the place and who shows up but Ron and Anna, friends from New Ulm, who were on their way to a concert in Prior Lake. What are the chances?

About 5 o'clock, the breeze went down and the air became stifling. We went over to Belle Plaine, had dinner at Suzette's and lingered a long time over the wonderful food. We stopped at the OK Corral for an after dinner drink and lingered there for a long time telling stories and laughing.

All in all, a good day.

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