Monday, July 04, 2011

happy independence day, you all!

Tiffany and Elliot at the parade.

Ella and Alex at the parade.

Lomilomi Salmon for the River Rock party on the 3rd. Delicious!

Bike ride through Kasota at the River Rock party. What a hoot!

We stopped at the Kasota Zoo. Bethany was worried that there would be polar bears and whales. Nope...just goats.

Thanks, Mary's Flowers, for the beautiful rose. Some guy in front of me had a toxic cloud of BO that spewed out every time he jumped up to get candy, which was often. I buried my nose in this rose and survived.

My favorite thing in the parade.

My least favorite thing in the parade. Not the Shriners but the dude with the white belly and the man-boobs across the street. He is in every picture we took. No comment.


Loved all the beauty queen floats. An anachronism, I know, but fun. I always practice my beauty queen wave at the parade.

It was a wonderful weekend. We sat on the patio, amid a cloud of Off and citronella, to have a plate of jalapeno stuffed olives, chipotle Gouda cheese, Prairie Breeze, dark chocolate, assorted greens from Living Land Farm. 

I doubt we will be awake for the fireworks. Once you've seen dee da. And we have no insane dogs to march across our pillows because they're afraid of the noise.

Back to work tomorrow.

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