Saturday, July 02, 2011

cleaning sorting and throwing jag

I didn't really plan to do this today but the donation truck is coming to my neighborhood next week and I wanted to get some crap ready to go. For some reason, late this morning, I was struck by lightening or something and I went crazy.

I have about 6 boxes to donate and two big bags of stuff for the consignment store. I was also ruthless about throwing things away.

I found a little basket full of ticket stubs from the 1970s, I kid you not. Now, why in hell would I be keeping those?

I found multiple bags of extra Christmas tree light bulbs. Yeah, like that works to try and replace those babies.

Paper clips, pennies, pads of sticky notes, lotion bottles with an inch in the bottom, sample packets of shampoo, unlabeled CDs, It was crazy.

Does anybody ever use the extra buttons they give you with new clothes?

I told Regis I feel like I got half a handle on my life today.

We spent a couple hours this morning setting up a new finance/budget system. My TRA comes once a month so we wanted a better way to pay bills and track our spending. We found an app that we can use online and it will sync to both phones. Wow. We could even get fiscally responsible here.

I would still like to go through my plastic and baking cupboard but I think I'm starting to drive Regis nuts. I'll quit for today.

Jane and I laughed once over an article in the paper about a woman who had a garbage house. When they came to clean it up, she said, 'This isn't all my junk."

I have one more little task I'd like to complete today but not sure I will get to it. I feel a nap coming on...

Stay cool today, friends. Maybe see you at the 4th of July street dance tonight.

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Jill said...

Isn't it odd how odds and ends like the ticket stubs and extra buttons show up in big quantities and you wonder why you didn't throw them away a long time ago? Where have they been hiding? I've got that sort of junk around here, too, but unlike the garbage house lady, it IS all mine!!