Monday, July 11, 2011

another lovely weekend and ahhhh, summer

We started the weekend by doing something on Friday. Oh, yes. We went to Patrick's for a glass of wine and a beer, then to the store for party supplies. We toted them up to Vickie's so as not to be bothered with it on Saturday. Vickie's dad and his friend were there so I did a read aloud of my current favorite book about putting your child to sleep. You know the one I mean.

Saturday, we woke at the crack of dawn and headed to Mankato with a grocery list. Since it had been so long since we bought groceries, the list was of considerable size, as was the bill. It's so cold in the grocery store that I wear a sweater and a pair of shoes (as opposed to sandals) so my feet don't cramp up. They had a sale on meat and cheese so we filled a bag with ribs, tuna steaks, and strip steaks. Now we can feed ourselves for a few weeks.

Also stopped at the Crab Deck. Seemed like their stock was a bit low. Maybe the fish aren't biting. Another bunch of money later, we were on the road home.

Too hot and humid to mow the lawn so we're investing in a small herd of sheep to come over once a week to mow it.

We had a little noon-time picnic with some nice cheese from the Coop and some blues on the radio. Sitting under a ceiling fan on a hot summer day in the semi-dark is bliss.

Vickie's little gathering was nice. A small enough number of people so we could all sit in one room and tell tales. Parties get too big and you have to split up. Not so much fun.

Sunday, I worked on paper work and River Rock stuff all day. I am getting so organized that I am starting to think I am someone else. I continue to work on getting rid of crap around here. Next front of attack is the basement.

Now that I am retired, I get paid once a month. I paid all our monthly bills right away and we made a budget (imagine) for the rest of the money. We use a program called EEBA that has a phone app and can be synced to two computers. We're using it to track our expenses. Ha!

We sat on the patio a couple times yesterday and grilled our dinner: stuffed poblano peppers, burgers, and onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Delicious. Mary Rogotzki stopped to drop off some chickens and Joanne stopped for a short visit. Nice to see them both.

I woke up at 10 something and Regis had both curtains open in the bedroom so he could watch the storm approach. Thank God for Ambien. All I need in the middle of the night is to see wind and lightening like that. It throws wide open the old closet of anxieties.

On to the day. I'm going to exercise, then to work about 8:30. I love my new job!

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