Wednesday, June 08, 2011

trying to find the gumption

I woke up at 4 and shut the alarm off so I could go back to sleep, which of course damn it, I could not do. So here I sit on the couch at 5 a.m. trying to find the gumption, and not being very successful, to go exercise. A morning begun so abruptly is not good.

I think I'll drink coffee for fifteen minutes and then go. Regis found a book for me so I have a new book on my kindle but I wish I had asked him for the moth podcasts instead. They are my absolute favorites. True stories told live online without notes. Yesterday I started one told by a woman who is comparing the Evangelical religion of her youth to Mary Kay sales. It was a riot.

Many times, they are funny. Like the one about the guy who gets his pants stolen by a goanna in Australia. Many times they are poignant and make me gasp like the one about the man who was a successful comedian by night and a dad with a dying daughter by day.

I can't exercise in the morning tomorrow because I am going in to River Rock at 6 to work with the baker and to observe the opening of the shop. I did dishes the last two days for part of my shift so I observed some baking then. All of their baked goods and some of their breads are made right there. I had no idea. Who does that anymore? Fresh and local eggs, local milk and butter, organic flours. Amazing.

Regis and I tried to sit on the patio last night. It wasn't humid and there was some air moving which made it feel less hot (99 degrees) but it was unpleasant. The wind was loud and whipping everything around, our neighbor was out grinding something into dust (serious noise pollution), and somehow tiny gnats that weigh .5 of an ounce were able to find their way into our ear canals. Probably looking for shelter from the storm.

We retreated to the house. I see the temperature on Friday is forecast to be 59 degrees. Regis has an expression that works for situations such as this but I won't repeat it on this family-friendly blog. You can imagine.

Oh, a busy weekend coming up. Double shifts (both jobs) the next few days, dinner with friends on Friday, Lost Walleyes at Redmen on Friday, Ambassador's Bluesfest on Saturday, Everett Smithson at the Embassy on Saturday night. The chances of us making it through ALL of this are slim to none.

Disclaimer: Everett Smithson is not going to be at the Redmen on Friday night but at the Embassy on Saturday night. Edit note: This is an old poster. For the current information on the schedule, go to this link.

I think I'll stop at River Rock this morning and get an iced Americano with a double shot of espresso. It'm my new favorite drink.

Whoops. See I used a copyrighted photo.

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