Tuesday, June 28, 2011

three days left on the retirement ticker

When I started the ticker on my iGoogle homepage, it was in the triple digits. Now, it's down to two days and nine hours.

It's been a busy week. Yesterday, Ella and I took the afternoon and went shopping at the consignment shop. Regis and I had been by there Saturday and I decided I loved a dress in the window. It looks kind of like this:

I called it a rumba dress but I found the picture on google when  I used flamenco dress to search. It's quite the number. Of course, I will have to dowdy it up a little with some kind of jacket because I don't do bare arms. The dress only cost me twenty bucks and I figure you can indulge yourself when you're spending that kind of dough. Ella says it needs red high heels.

We had lunch at a special place and then came back here to play. Ella got a dress at the shop, too, so we trimmed the hem, fitted it with paper clips, and she looked lovely. I wish we had taken some pictures but we didn't. Next time.

Today will be busy. There is a reception for me at school, then a lunch, then another party at 6:00. It has been a month of celebrations. I bet my friends are getting weary of it. Not me. I love a good party.

I wonder if some day I'll look back and think I went crazy for a while. Ha! What a good time we've had and it's been worth every bit of it.

I have my office mostly cleaned out. I came home with boxes that should not have come home because I don't need any more crap. Some things are being distributed to grandchildren, some to neighborhood kids, some to the thrift store. I have a small box to take to my new job: a poster, my coffee cup collection and little shelf, and my corduroy aardvark. That's enough.

I've used google calendar for the last year, with different calendars for personal things and for the different jobs. Yesterday, I deleted all the job-related calendars because I figure what I have to do in the next two days, I can hold in my head. Yeah, maybe.

I talked to my brother, Pat, and SIL Helen last night on the phone. Pat's in a band called Not Exactly so it's always fun to hear what they're up to...and we have similar musical tastes. Pat is far more talented musically than I am, though. He plays harmonica and I have a two-song piano repertoire.

On to work and the day. I have two big projects to finish up in the next few days so must preserve some brain cells for that.

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