Saturday, June 04, 2011

saturday morning and open windows

The nights have been cool and we have been leaving our bedroom windows open. It's so pleasant to wake up in the early morning and hear the birds singing and see it slowly start to get light. Sometimes I wish I could go back to sleep but I can't so here I am.

We've been gone a lot this week so there is an accumulation of junk around the house...bags, jackets, shoes, lunch bags, coffee cups. We need someone to come after us and pick up this stuff! Even the dishes have been sitting by the sink for several days. Slobs, we are.

I'm going to cover myself with bug spray when it gets light so I can go out in the garden. I need to get some things planted and watered. Usually, I enjoy this but this year, there has been no time and the weather has not been conducive. Ah, well.

I noticed in my inbox this morning, I sent myself an email with the subject line: Stalking the Wild Asparagus. Nothing in the body of the message. I wonder what I intended to do with that little gem.

I'm so anxious to have one desk,  one computer, one phone...instead of desks on both ends of town, phones on two desks, a cell phone, and three email accounts. Remembering where I was supposed to be and when and for what was getting to be more and more difficult. Joanne and I talked about this often we both ask, "Did I say this out loud or did I just think it?" We are either losing our minds or spinning plates on sticks...

Well, I'm done being reflective about that crap. Moving on...

Today is my dad's birthday. He was a handsome guy.

Good blog post here today. It's about trying to control things in your life. Worth a read.

Well, I better get up and get moving. Lots of things to do today. Happy Saturday and find something to celebrate.

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Jill said...

Did you figure out Stalking the Wild Asparagus? I had to look up the spelling of his name, but it's a book by a naturalist named Euell Gibbons, who was in a commercial for a "natural" cereal--Grape Nuts, I think. Perfect for your new reading list!

Great picture of your dad, Teresa.