Saturday, June 18, 2011

keepin' it weird

Ed and Gayle picked us up last night about 5 o'clock. We meant to go out for dinner but we only made it for drinks. I guess we did have an appetizer or two at Patrick's. It was a hoot of an evening that ended in a downpour about 11 o'clock. Ed had to run down the street to get the car to tote us home. We met some neighbors, Renee and Wayne, and of course, invited them for a barbecue.


I wore these leggings with my denim skirt. They are wild, eh? I have grown to love wild tights and leggings because...well, life is too short to not appreciate the weird stuff. I have a wardrobe of tights and leggings: leopard print, python, sunflowers, fishnets, and lots of colors. What the hell.

I took the meat for tomorrow out of the freezer and that could be the extent of what I do today. I worked hard this week and deserve to have a day of rest.

I'm taking Regis out for a special dinner tonight. We're not sure where we're going because we like the servers better at one place than the other. We might do some checking around to see what's available.

Regis ordered a citronella candle for the party tomorrow. We'll see how that works. The gnats and mosquitoes have been ferocious lately. The other night, even bathed in bug spray, I was miserable outside. Damn bugs.

Regis stumbled onto the funniest youtube video this week. It's this book being read aloud by Samuel L. Jackson. It's also available in a hardcover book which we ordered. You can read about it here and it's available at but the youtube video has disappeared.

It looks like a picture book but it is not for children. It's for any adult who has ever tried to put a recalcitrant child to bed. It is hilarious. If you are sensitive to cussing (I'm not) it might be offensive to you. It might be worth it to get over your sensitivity for just this one time because the book is a damn hoot.

Moving on to do a few things this morning. Make it a good day.

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Jill said...

Charlie sent us a review of the book a while back...I believe it was after an evening of putting E and O to bed that called for empathy from a parent who not only withstood the same resistance, but had the good sense to write about it for adults and make himself rich as well!

SLJ's reading is hilarious! You ordered it, eh? You and Regis should also record it for the parents of your grandchildren, should they need it. Ha ha!