Friday, June 17, 2011

having fun is a goal

We are really good at fun. Really good.

Most weeks, by about Wednesday, we are plotting what we will do on the weekend for fun. We are not planning to clean the garage or take the yard waste to the compost site or to rip the carpet out of the living room although all of those things should be done.

They will have to happen (and this is my new and favorite phrase) organically. And they will not be happening this weekend.

In the summer when many people do these kinds of things, we think instead it is better to take road trips to restaurants and bars in the area we have heard about but never visited. We think instead it is better to sit on the patio and watch the birds. Instead it is better to sit in the porch and listen to music.

In the winter when the above activities are off the list of things we enjoy, we still don't seem to make those chores happen because we are busy sitting in front of our faux fireplace, watching the birds through the living room window, and finding live music venues to frequent. The right time for garage cleaning just never comes.

Ah, well. Like I said, it will happen organically.

I had trouble sleeping again last night. I wake up writing descriptions for bread baking classes and thinking abut the new logo and trying to remember how to do the financial spreadsheets. Can you see how full my head is?

So, this weekend we have a full line-up of fun. Starting at lunch time today, I am meeting a friend at Cedars Grille for a long and relaxing meal and visit. Tonight, Ed and Gayle are picking us up and taking us out to eat. I am sure there will be laughs involved in that evening!

On Saturday, I'm making some special sauces (chipotle aeoli, ancho chili, and lime garlic vinaigrette) for our dinner on Sunday and I'm taking Regis out for dinner to one of our favorite places. Probably Pappageorge or Olives. Both are nice places to linger over a dinner. We can sit there for two hours and visit and watch people and talk to other diners. Such fun.

Sunday, we're having grown-up off-spring and spouses and grandbabies and friends over to celebrate Patriarch's Day. Notice I have renamed Father's Day which seems a little restrictive to me. We have a lovely barbecue menu but who knows how that will go. The weather forecast looks brutal but we have back-up plans.

Here's the menu:

Mar-a-lago Turkey Sliders
Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders
Chipotle Aioli
Ancho Chili Sauce
Grilled Antipasto Vegetables
with Garlic Lime Vinaigrette
Chicken Legs & thighs
Big Green Salad
Bread Sticks
Fruit Bowl

Plan some fun in your weekend. Maybe we'll see you at Olives!

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