Sunday, June 26, 2011

good friends and music

We started the evening at Tom and Betty's house where we cooked little pieces of steak, chicken, and shrimp on this little unit. What a nice time sitting around the table, everybody cooking and munching and drinking wine. Betty is going to Texas for a month to stay with her sister so this was a party to say travel safely and see you soon. We'll take care of Tom in her absence.
Then we headed off to the Coffee Hag to see the Erickson's music. Bethany is the front manager at River Rock and there were lots of coffee shop folks there. A good time.

No flies on us. We march down the street to the Wine Cafe to hear this band, recommended by Rick at the Halloween joint. I loved them! In my next life, I will play the accordion!

As much as we enjoyed this band, we don't like to be 15 miles from home late on a Saturday night so Regis lured me back to town to hear the Durty Nellys at Patrick's where I danced the night away with a young woman from Brazil named Josie.

It was almost 2:30 before we cashed it in for the night so it's a good thing we had naps in the afternoon. I'm usually waking up about then. Ah, well. Good to shake up the schedule now and then.

We're reconsidering the date of my birthday celebration in 2012 because the venue we had chosen is throwing up all kind of weird requirements. We might just do Halloween in July and let the bar do the details. I was experiencing an aversion to celebrating my birthday in the wrong season but I think I could do Halloween in July because then you get to celebrate twice in one year. Yeah, I like that.

Today it's back to real life. Laundry, dishes, cooking. Peter is coming for dinner tonight and he has requested buffalo chicken wings. If it isn't raining, we'll do them on the grill.

It's going to be a wild week of parties and celebrating. Tuesday there is a retirement thing for me at school, then a lunch at Whiskey River, that night there is a little retirement party for me in Mankato. Thursday is my last day at school and a mandatory but brief celebration at the bar at the end of the day because Friday, I start my new job. Yippee, here we go.

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Jill said...

I'm outa touch with the latest in table-top cooking gizmos, Teresa. Is that like a little hibachi grill?