Tuesday, June 07, 2011

first day of training at river rock

I did a walk-through with Alli. It was fun to see the whole operation from basement all the way through the kitchen and barista area. So much to learn. I told Alli I had no idea espresso was so complex. When you're on the other side of the counter, all you hear is "whoosh!" and your drink is ready. I knew there were a lot of motions, but I'm anxious to see more of that.

Then we did the deposit. I felt like a complete moron...I had to take notes. I didn't want to tell her that numbers float up off the paper and drift around my head...but they do. I got it all straight for three days so maybe there is hope.

I wore an apron to do dishes but I picked one of theirs so I didn't get my new one dirty. Oh, good grief. I can hear it now. Today, I'll take one of the less-fancy ones.

I learned a lot about how important it is to them to buy eco-friendly products, to use local as much as possible, to use seasonal produce, and to be creative. It's admirable.

This afternoon, I'll learn about hospitality and helping, then office basics. Thursday, I go in early to work with one of the bakers. Yesterday, the baker was turning out loaves of buckwheat bread, brioche, macaroons with ganache, and puff pastry with potatoes, chives, and gouda cheese. Amazing smells in that kitchen.

Regis and I cooked a beautiful Prairie Pride steak on the grill last night along with some Ahi tuna steaks and some Andouille sausage stuffed peppers. There is enough left over to feed us again tonight...at least. Good thing because I have a busy day with both jobs.

It was hot on the patio but not unbearable, except for the lawn mower noise and the grinder noise. Some people just can't sit still. I'm not sure it's even wise to cut the grass when it's this hot.

I filled up the bird bath and watered all the plants. I found this in the grass by the bird bath.

I think the birds have been drinking Two-Buck Chuck when they sit in the bath at night. I'm glad they're enjoying their leisure time. We support that even if the wine choice is questionable.

Regis just described the weather today as a blow torch. Lovely. Can't we have more than 3 days between furnace and AC? I still have sweaters in the pile of clothing in my bedroom. I haven't removed the electric mattress pad from the bed. I protest.

I'll post, again, for those who may not have seen it on FB, this picture of the latest creation of Regis. He calls it November Sky. I rearranged the lint and called it Two Dead Mice. hey, it ain't the Last Supper but it's art.

Mom thinks we have too much time on our hands but actually this was not a time-consuming activity. Regis carried the lint up from the dryer, plopped it on a towel on the counter, and took a picture. Voila.

I'm going to work out this morning in the air-conditioned comfort of the Pulse. I have some new Moth podcasts to listen to while I walk. See you later.

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