Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I felt a rough spot on one of my back teeth for a couple weeks and since I am coming to the end of my dental insurance (even though it's crappy insurance) I thought I better get it checked. Sure, I am so naive that I think they can just file the rough spot and I will be good to go. Not so.

An hour later, I have a temporary crown and a numb face. I had the nurse look up when my last dental work was and it was 1996. She said I should be very happy about that and I guess I am but it makes me a nervous patient.

She offered me laughing gas and I had a terrible time deciding. I had to tell her the story of my first endoscopy which involved me almost choking to death because they convinced me to do it without sedation. In the end, I declined the laughing gas even though she said it's like having a few drinks without the hangover. Ha!

I made it through without crying. Regis did not have to take time off from his job to hold my hand. I survived.

My next appointment is June 30th, my last day of work, at 2:20. I should get out of there just in time for Happy Hour. Ha!

Jill's sweet daughter, Anne, is undergoing surgery right now at St. Mary's in Rochester. That is much more serious than my lame story. Wishing her well. If it weren't raining torrentially about once an hour, we would be lighting candles in the garden in her honor.

I am managing to get things finished up at school even though two weeks ago, it seemed impossible. I have slogged through the lists and done one thing at a time. I have cast a lot of paper into the recycler. I have met with many people, handed off ten jump drives with files, and purged my computer of one thing after another. I put one set of keys in the mail today and have a note on two others to deliver them on the 30th. I have piles of folders with notes about who they go to in the end.

I am starting to move into my space at River Rock. I have a pair of shoes and a binder in a drawer. I have a coffee cup and saucer. When I go in tomorrow, I will bring a couple extra aprons and a few other things that I need every day. I think I have met everyone now and tomorrow I will learn how to do invoices and I'll meet the accountant.

I feel less confused today than I did yesterday. I think my calendar for the next two weeks is accurate. At least I know where I am going today and tomorrow.
Yesterday I saw three baby squirrels crossing the road. There must be lots of baby squirrels this time of year but I rarely see them. They must be kept in the nursery until they are of a size where they are mistaken for adults.

I am trying to get better organized in my life. I bought a thing with clear pockets to store shoes. It hangs from a door. I'm going to store tights and leggings in it because with the clear pockets, I can see what's in there instead of rifling through a drawer in the dark. Good idea, no?

I also bought a thing with clear pockets for storing jewelry. Regis gave me a beautiful jewelry storing thing a few years ago and I keep a lot of stuff in there but I am a huge fan of cheap and colorful jewelry and I usually have it strew about the house. This will be my attempt to keep it corralled.

This afternoon, I have an appointment with the eye doctor. I have flex money for glasses so Regis and I went up yesterday to look at them. The doctor will most likely dilate my eyes and I can't see anything closer than about a mile after that. I brought three pair home. Here they are:

I like the first ones in the burgundy color of the second pair. The last pair has a nice blue color inside but they're too dark in the front. I don't know why this has to be such a process. Regis has been patient but he might have been inwardly rolling his eyes.

An aside: I had a previous husband who had me get safety glasses once because they were cheaper. I kid you not. And why did I put up with this, you might ask. I don't know. That's all there is to say. I don't know.

Heck, I have bought cars in less time than I took to decide on these glasses. I had my friend, Joanne, buy a car for me sight-unseen over the phone once. Probably just goes to show how little I care about cars. And I spend more time in glasses than I do in a car. Now, that's funny.

My face is starting to feel less numb so I will move on and try to do something constructive. Not making any promises, but it's a thought.

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