Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dancing is one of those things I never did until just the last year. I was too self-conscious to get up in front of people and move around. Now, I love dancing even though I don't think I have acquired any sense or rhythm as my affection has grown.

Friday night we had dinner at Cedars Grille then went to the Redmen to listen to the Lost Walleyes which are really three members of City Mouse, a band from my youth. I listened to City Mouse when they played at the Comfy in Mankato. It's a bar that's been gone for so long, most people don't even remember it.

The men wouldn't dance, but Nikki, Vickie, and I danced a lot. Just us three in front of the band. Ah, hell. It was fun. Actually I do better when nobody tries to dance with me. I am not very coordinated and it's hard to move with someone else. I attribute this to the fact that I was tall in high school and when we danced in PE (Honest to God, we did.) and the ratio of boys to girls was uneven, I had to be the boy so I always want to lead. Ha!

Yesterday we went to the Blues Fest in Minnesota Square and heard some great music. Reverend Raven and Al, the sax player, walked out into the crowd at the end and got up on a picnic table to play. One of our more reserved friends (you know who you are) said he had tears in his eyes it was so powerful.

So, that set the stage. We wandered down to the Embassy (after a nap) to hear Everett Smithson. That was such a weird crowd that we moved on to Willy's to hear more of Reverend Raven. Oh, man. I got happy feet and danced and danced. Regis doesn't like to dance so I was solo for most of the night...although a couple guys tried to dance with me. I am sure they walked away wondering why I try to lead. Thank my PE teacher.

It was a wonderful time but I would like to learn to dance.

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