Monday, May 02, 2011

sweet weekends

We have such sweet weekends and this one was sweeter than most.

I don't even know what it is, really. It's not like we are completely hedonistic or that we jump out of bed on Saturday morning and go through a list of things to do. We kind of go minute by minute with loose plans and lots of options.

I got a few things done. I put away the Easter stuff, organized the spices, put an order in to Penzey's, paid bills, and picked up the sticks in the yard. I tidied up the house. I ran in the 5K Saturday. Regis did the laundry. That's enough.

We also had some good times. Dinner at Olives and a drink at the Cedar's Grille on our way home. A beautiful Mexican omelet for breakfast yesterday. Lots of sitting and reading and listening to music. That's the way to have a weekend.

I'm ready for the week to start. I am going to the Pulse this morning to work out with Rachel. I have two meetings today which isn't so bad. After school, I'm going to River Rock to meet the staff and I'm excited about that. I'm anxious to start learning about this new direction in my life.

The rest of the week looks very running from place to place. A couple weeks ago, I went three places a day for a week. By Friday, I didn't know whether I was coming or going.

Starting to think about the events of the next few months:

  • Dean McGraw at the Bothy next weekend.
  • Regis graduates May 13th from SCC.
  • Bluesfest June 10 and 11
  • My retirement 
  • Regis' birthday
  • 4th of July
That's enough for now.

Happy Monday!

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Amanda said...

i think it is so great that you will be working at the river rock. every time we visit st. peter, we try to go there as many times as seems reasonable (so, at least once a day!). what a major change of atmosphere that place will be for you!