Sunday, May 22, 2011

sunday in pictures

 Tuesday is Bob Dylan's birthday. He'll be 70 years old.

I think I'll make it Bob Dylan Week and listen to his music all the time.

I got up at 5, and wrote on my other blog, then went back to bed at 6 for another hour.

Regis got up and made coffee. We bought this at Trader Joe's and we like it...strong and rich.

Bev and Linda gave me this beautiful verbena for a retirement gift. It's gorgeous and not too hard to keep alive, I hope.

These are all my herbs and flowers on the patio. They're all clumped together because I didn't decide yet where to put them. The ones in the back right corner are a beautiful orange color and Fred says they will bloom until October.

This is the fern-leaf peony Mom gave me about ten years ago. I know why they're so takes forever for them to grow to any size. This one was the same for years. It came up and sat there all summer but never bloomed. The year Ella was two (3 years ago) it had one flower, last year one more, and now it has three.

Elliot was here yesterday. He's very good but like all small boys, you have to keep an eye on him all the time because he finds the tallest thing in the room and tries to climb it. The getting-up is not the dangerous part, it's the getting-down.

We were going to buy groceries this morning but after constructing my menu for the week, turns out we don't need to do that. Maybe a few things at the coop but no big list. Whew.

My plan for the day includes going through the paper piled in my office and getting a load ready for the thrift store folks who are coming on Thursday. It looks like it will be wet outside so I won't be tempted to lounge on the patio.

This is my new bento box. I bought it with a Mother's Day gift card, along with a cookbook called The Just Bento Cookbook. It's 5.5 X 5.5 X 3 so it isn't very big. I like the idea of tiny foods full of flavor packed in there. I wrote more about it on the coffee blog because I have an idea percolating.

Moving on into the day.

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