Sunday, May 15, 2011

sunday in pictures

Regis took this picture of a rose-breasted grosbeak in our apple tree yesterday. Isn't he beautiful?

This is Fred. He spent the winter in the garage and is glad to be out in the sunshine again.

 The goldfinches have been crazy lately. Sometimes there are as many as 15 on the feeders and the ground. Are the males the ones to feed the babies? We see way more males than females.

The woodpeckers love the peanut balls!

Another goldfinch on the redbud tree. The flowers come out before the leaves.

I bought three flats of flowers and herbs today. I am very random about flower planting as I never have a plan and even if I think of what I might buy, I'm too vulnerable to the splash of color or the scent of lavender to remain firm. I came home with lots of herbs and lots of coleus. I love the dark, rich colors. Fred says that's more fun and he's probably right.

Regis and I cleaned up the patio and yard today. I picked up sticks for a long time and looked the garden over. the pots are ready to plant but Karl said wait a few more days. Tonight might be 35 and that's hard on new plants.

We're cooking steaks on the grill for dinner. The rub smells wonderful. Also made a big salad with baby spinach, greens, red onions, and blue cheese.

It's going to be a busy week. I have to attend a Board meeting tomorrow night (after a meeting-packed day), Tuesday we leave for Rochester, and Wednesday I have my annual appointment. They do blood work at the crack of dawn and then I wait until late afternoon to see the doctor. In between, we'll hit TJ Maxx and Trader Joe's. Fun day.

I got the whole shebang of the party mess cleaned up so unlike me. I usually let that stuff sit around for days and sometimes for weeks. I am a waddlesome sloth at heart.

We're having an enjoyable end to the weekend. Steak and salmon on the grill, Buddy and Julie Miller on the CD player, bright sun coming in the west windows, and a glass of wine. And a bouquet of these beautiful gerbera daisies on the table.

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