Monday, May 30, 2011

Regis and I had an interesting weekend.

He says it's like a baseball game. A baseball game of choppy little grounders.

We headed out to Faribault intent on visiting the Cheese Cave and the Java Live. We pulled up in front of the Cheese Cave...closed.

We went across the street to Java Live. Now the Coffee Shop. Bad coffee. Really bad coffee.

We found another place called El Tequilla. Uff da. ( Bad parking lot, bad signage, wierd look.) We decided to head back to Mankato to eat at a known entity...Mazatlan.

This is the mural in the women's bathroom. I love it.

This is Regis with his whatever.

This is our food and drink.

This is me with my wine. Not good wine, but wine.

We came home to sit on the patio for a while. The weather is turbulent and we're nervous.

We were on our way home on 14 and Regis starts laughing. He makes a big U-turn and goes back to this driveway. What a hoot.

Apparently it was Connie's 50th birthday and her loved ones hung all her lingerie on this line with a sign to honk. Which we did.

So, there you go. A holiday weekend coming to an end.

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Aprons and More said...

My 50th was last year! Glad no one I know saw this cause I would have hidden my underwear!

Katy :)