Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my last last week of the school year

Ever since I was in school myself, the last week of the school year has been crazy. No matter what your age or role, the week was busy with finals, locker cleaning, grading papers, doing grades, progress reports and the list goes on. I described it this way: You are in the movie Deep Impact and the big wave is right at your heels. That's how this week is.

So, in my whole career in education, this is my last last week of the school year. My last. I am moving on.

And even though I am not in a classroom, and have not been in a classroom for years, I feel the wave at my heels.

I spent the day making jump drives of all my accumulated knowledge for the ten people who will be doing parts of my job on top of the full-time jobs they already do. When you parcel your job out to ten people, each little part looks sort of pitiful and you feel like you have to apologize which I did.

I spent a couple hours this afternoon with some friends from school, eating, drinking, and saying good-bye and see you at the Bluesfest. It was nice. We speculated on which of us would be the first to take up making a reproduction of the Last Supper out of dryer lint. Tom insists that this is art. I am not so sure about that but quite sure it will not be me.

Two more days.

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Jill said...

Yup, bittersweet. Lasts and firsts. And soon you'll be on to new firsts, like starting your job at RRock and not starting school in the fall. There will be twinges when everyone else is going back to school, but you can still buy new markers and pencils and binders. That's the best part anyway!